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Tallow Shave Soap

Natural Tallow Shaving Soap


 We now have three sizes of storage tins.  The small tins fit the puck perfectly and are great for storage. The medium tins are great for mashing the puck down into the tin for ease of lathering.  The large tins are for those who want maximum swirl room.

Small - $1.50  (3.125” diameter)

Medium - $2.00  (4” diameter)

Large - $2.50  (5.2” diameter)

$5.50 - $10

Shave Tin


Shave Soap Pucks

    Our shave soaps will hang with any soap at any price, and will be slicker than anything on the market.  Videos for lathering techniques can be found HERE.

New styles are always in the works, and we do take requests and custom orders.


Tins are now available for puck storage!

See below to order.

    For one of the best shaves on the market at any price, pick up a puck of Stirling Shave Soap. With an improved lather than is easy to build, this soap provides a slickness that is unmatched.

   Made using the same cold process method as our natural Stirling soaps, this puck is 3 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 4.5 ounces.  

  Meant to be used with a brush and shaving bowl or apothecary cup, we guarantee that this soap will outlast a normal can of shaving foam or gel and leave you feeling silky smooth.

  Available styles are:

Neroli (Essential Oil, Jojoba $7.25)

  Produced from the flowers of the Bitter Orange tree, Neroli is Light, Floral, Bitter, Herbaceous, and slightly Green. This soap replaces the Almond oil from the standard formula with Jojoba Oil.

Nag Champa (Fragrance Oil, $6.25)

  A popular fragrance from India that combines incense, frangipani and sandalwood.

Rose (Essential Oil, Elite $9.75)

  Our first soap in the “Stirling Elite” line featuring the more rare essential oils.  Made with Bulgarian Rose absolute, this soap will really spread its vines once you whip it up.

Lemony Orange (Essential Oil $6.25)

 Theirs was a forbidden love. Her father said he was too sour for her. His mother wanted someone less juicy for her son. They were young, though, and refused to be told no. This soap is the fruit of their love. Pure citrus bliss.

Violet (Fragrance Oil $6.50)

 Soft, dry, floral, and great for Spring and Summer.

Jasmine Sambac (Essential Oil, Elite $9.75)

 Less sweet and more masculine than its cousin Jasmine Grandiflorum, Jasmine Sambac is a refreshing and light floral scent that exudes optimism. Made with Australian black clay for an extra smooth post-shave feel.

Grapefruit (Essential Oil $6.25)

 A grapefruit by itself is not a meal.  Get a real breakfast and save the grapefruit for shaving.

Texas on Fire (Essential Oil $6.75)

 Leather.  Smoky. Cedar.  Made with Birch Tar, Cade, Labdanum, Vanilla, and a heaping helping of Texas Cedarwood. This is the scent of a forest fire in Texas.

Vanilla Sandalwood(Fragrance Oil $6.25)

 Warm, sweet Vanilla and soft, masculine Sandalwood. Matches the bath soap of the same name.

Rosemary Mint (Essential Oil $6.75)

 Description coming soon.

Vanilla Tangerine (Essential Oil $6.75)

 Heavy on the vanilla and topped off with some Tangerine essential oil. A bit like a tangerine dreamsicle.

Glacial - Wintergreen (Essential Oil, High Menthol $7.00)

 This soap is like a punch in the face from a snowman.  A snowman who just brushed his teeth. Made with Wintergreen essential oil and one of the highest concentrations of menthol you will find in a cold-process soap.

Glacial - Spearmint (Essential Oil, High Menthol $7.00)

 This soap is like a punch in the face from a snowman.  A snowman who loves to chew gum. Made with Spearmint essential oil and one of the highest concentrations of menthol you will find in a cold-process soap.

Glacial - Obsidian (Essential Oil, High Menthol $7.00)

 Made with black clay and a double shot of Anise essential oil, along with one of the highest concentrations of menthol you will find in a cold-process soap.

Stirling Clubman (Fragrance Oil $6.50)

 The scent of this soap will take you back in time to the era of classy gentlemen's clubs and the corner barbershop. Inspired by the classic Clubman scent, lather this soap up in your bathroom and you will swear you hear jazz music wailing and cocktail glasses clanging. Come on in and join the Club.

Iced Coffee (Fragrance Oil $6.50)

  For those of you who would like your face to smell like you just told your girlfriend that you are in love with her sister while sitting in a Starbucks, but you don’t want the burning and possible facial disfiguration, this is your soap. Made with a roasted black coffee fragrance with a hint of hazelnut, this soap also packs an icy menthol kick. Humor aside, this is a great unisex scent.

Stirling Spice (Fragrance Oil $6.25)

 Our best attempt at recreating the classic Old Spice scent. Not affiliated with Old Spice, Shulton, Proctor and Gamble, or Major League Baseball.

Port-au-Prince (Essential Oil, Elite $9.50)

 Earthy, grassy, and pungently sweet Haitian Vetiver combined with a small but uplifting kick of Lemongrass. Made with spa-quality French green clay.

Bonaparte (Essential Oil - $6.75)

 You will never be the Emperor. The proletariat will never tremble in your presence. Nobility won’t acquiesce to your every demand. Kings will not offer you their daughters.  Don’t let that stop you from smelling like royalty.  Historically based on the tastes of Napoleon, this is the strongest essential oil soap we offer. Starts with a base of Thyme, Rosemary, Bergamot, Lavender, and Petitgrain.  Followed with citrus notes of Lime, Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, and Tangerine.  Finished with robust notes of Ylang Ylang.  

Anise (Essential Oil - $6.25

Sweet, sticky, black licorice made with 100% pure Aniseed essential oil.  Made with Australian Black clay to pamper your skin.

Black Ice (Essential Oil - $6.75)

Our wildly-popular Anise soap is now available with over 2% menthol crystals to add some shiver to what is already one of the best shaves on the market at any price. Slap this on your face and prepare to slide.

Ben Franklin(Essential Oil Blend $6.25)

Made with Benzoin, Frankincense, Clove, and Nutmeg essential oils.  This soap smells like an older gentleman’s pantaloons at the end of a hot July day in Philadelphia, drafting important documents with no air conditioner.  It’s actually a very unique scent that reminded a few of my testers of a root beer float.  An instant favorite.

Ozark Mountain (Fragrance Oil $6.00)

 A drive through the Ozark Mountains in fall is the best way to describe this scent.  It is woodsy, spicy, and absolutely the closest fragrance we have found to replicating the aroma of the Ozarks.

Scots Pine (Mutton Tallow based, Essential Oil - $6.75)

 The shave soap version of our popular Scots Pine Sheep Soap.  Made with mutton tallow and lanolin, it has a calm and pleasing pine scent that is nothing like a pine oil used in cleaning products.  The fatty acid rich mutton tallow combined with the lanolin leave your face nourished and smooth.

Tea Tree (Essential Oil - $6.25)

 The skin benefits of soothing Tea Tree essential oil with the moisture locking properties of lanolin.  A great, no-nonsense shave for someone looking for a great lather and a smooth shave.

Barbershop (Fragrance Oil - $6.25)

 Candy cane pole twirling outside? Check. Cup of combs in the mystery blue liquid? Check.  A smell that recreates the essence of sitting in the old-time barbershop, reading the paper while you wait? Check.

Almond Crème (Fragrance Oil - $4.00)SALE

 Delicious Marzipan is the second name for this soap.  It really needs no other description, other than to say you might try to eat it. It tastes like soap, though.  Don’t ask how I know…..For Men and Women.

Tuscany (Fragrance Oil - $6.25)

  Start with Tuscan Cypress fragrance oil, add in some Calabrian Bergamot and Violet, and sprinkle with an array of spices. Another fantastic scent for both men and women.  

Cool  (Essential Oil - $6.25)

 Exactly what it says. Cool. Made with Mentha Piperita essential oil and Eucalyptus essential oil, this is a great smelling unisex soap that feels absolutely amazing without going overboard with the cold.

Lime (Essential Oil - $6.25)

 Made with the highest quality Lime essential oil. If you need clarification on what this will smell like, just visualize a beautiful woman licking salt off her hand, putting back a shot of Tequila, and then gnawing on your freshly shaved face. It's that good. And because this is also a great unisex scent, women should visualize, well, I don't know what you should visualize...Antonio Banderas circa 1998 maybe? Brad Pitt handing you a margarita? I need Mandy’s help on this one….

Sharp Dressed Man (Fragrance Oil - $6.25)

 Patterned after the famous Green Irish Tweed scent that was created for Cary Grant. This scent has been put to use by men like Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood, meaning this is what real men smell like, whether they're stepping out in a tuxedo like Redford, or making a canoe out of someone's forehead like Eastwood. I feel more masculine when I use this.…

Black Cumin and Orange (Essential Oil - $4.00 - SALE)

 An intoxicatingly spicy and sweet scent that is definitely unique.  Black Cumin is known as “the cure for everything other than death,” and added with orange it makes an amazing scent.

Lemongrass and Cajeput  (Essential Oil - $4.00 - SALE)

The invigorating smell of fresh Lemongrass with a hint of medicinal Cajeput.

Frozen Tundra (Essential Oil, Menthol - $6.75)

  What’s that? You didn’t make it to the NFL and you’ll never know the feeling of having your face mashed into the ground at Lambeau Field while scoring a touchdown in December?  We’d be happy to help you out with that.  A blend of nine essential oils and menthol meant to recreate the scent and feel of earth in winter.  

Orange Chill (Essential Oil, Menthol - $6.50)

 Go peel an orange.  Stick it in the freezer for two hours.  Remove from freezer.  Have someone throw it as hard as they can at your face.  This soap is nothing like that. It’s way better.  It’s delicious frozen orange that is smooth to shave with and cool on your skin afterwards.  Guaranteed to become one of your favorites.

Naked & Smooth (Unscented - $5.50)

 I don’t always shave with an unscented soap, but when I do it’s Naked & Smooth. No fragrance or essential oils.  Just a smooth, clean shave.

Black Cherry: (Fragrance Oil - $5.75)

 A mouth-watering Black Cherry scent that not only has an amazing sticking power in the soap, it also fills the room with its luscious aroma.

Coniferous: (Essential Oil - $6.25)

 A blend of Scots Pine, Fir Needle, Texas Cedarwood, and Lichen Essential Oils.  This isn’t your typical “woodsy” smell found in shaving and cologne products.  This is you taking a stroll through the forest when out of nowhere two trees jump out and pin you to the ground while a third three sits on top of you and beats the stuffing out of you. Then, once he’s done, he jams some moss up your nose.  Caution: May cause excessive Manliness.

Beer (Fragrance Oil - $6.00)

 It’s a crying shame that society frowns on the thought of making a cold beer a part of your morning routine.  Well, now you can ease the pain with our beer shave soap. Whip your brush on the puck and get a whiff of a fruity micro-brew that is intoxicating without being intoxicating.  Sold out

Lavender Sage: (Essential Oil - $6.75)

 Stirling Soap's special mixture of warm Lavender and Sage provide a very relaxing and comforting combination that creates a unique and uplifting scent. These herbs have been used for generations for their medicinal and spiritual benefits. Builds a rich and creamy texture in no time at all, as you lather your face the wonderful aroma will waft your stress and troubles away. We can't think of a better way to start your day.

Margaritas in the Arctic (Fragrance Oil, Menthol - $6.25)

 I can’t taste this Margarita.  Probably because I’m drinking it while sitting buck-naked on top of a glacier at the north pole. My skin feels wonderful, though…

Sandalwood (Fragrance Oil - $6.25)

 A very woodsy and masculine Sandalwood blend.

Bergamot Lavender (Essential Oil Blend $6.75)

 If Lavender had a peel, this is what it would smell like.  Spicy, sweet, floral, and most definitely unique.

Electric Sheep (Mutton Tallow, Essential Oil - $6.75)

 This soap of android dreams. The wonderfully slick and comfortable shave of our Scots Pine Sheep Soap now has a cousin.  Citronella and Lemon essential oil blend well with the mutton tallow to provide an invigorating and supremely clean scent with this soap.  

Bay Rum (Essential Oil - $6.75)

 Our take on the classic Bay Rum scent.  Bay West Indies (Pimenta Racemosa) essential oil is blended with Orange, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and a hint of Clove to provide a very complex and masculine aroma.

Standard Ingredients: Beef or Mutton Tallow or Lard, Castor Oil, Distilled Water, Stearic Acid, Lye, Vegetable Glycerin, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Lanolin, Coconut Milk, Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil, Bentonite Clay and/or French Clay, and/or Kaolin Clay, Sodium Lactate.